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It’s Day 21 of Writing Our Lives, so today is the final writing prompt in this series. (I’ll do another series in the future, so stay tuned!)
Have you followed along? Have you written several pieces along the way?
Today, for the final prompt: a friend. Write about a fun time with a friend.
You can write about a friend you have now. A friend from childhood. A friend from college. Maybe write about a friend from a job you almost forgot about, a job you had 15 years ago.
Maybe you’ll write about a friend you met in a group – a knitting group, a spiritual gathering, or a book club, a group of artists, the people you ride bikes with.
Maybe you’ll write about someone you met while traveling. Or a penpal from 5th grade. You don’t have to still be in touch with the person you will write about.
First, make a list of all the friends that come to mind from all times and all aspects of your life. Some may have been close friends, some just “lunch” friends.
Once you have your list of 3-15 people, look it over and find the name that has the most energy for you right now.
With one name in mind, make a list of all the things you could write about: that time you took a trip to Colorado together. Maybe they were a work friend, a friendly face at a job you didn’t really like. Maybe you were childhood friends. Write about your youthful adventures together – swimming at the river, roller skating, playing basketball.
Maybe they taught you how to do something – water ski, or play a guitar. Maybe they were there for you when your life fell apart. Maybe you fix dinner together once a week.
Pick one thing you and this friend have done together and write about it. Write about where you were, the sights and sounds around you. Write about who they are or were in your life and why this person has meaning for you.
OK, that’s it, gang. Thanks for participating in these 21 days. I hope you’ve found joy and satisfaction in writing your life stories.
Go get ‘em! Cheryl
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