Jughead comic book

Welcome to Day 3 of Writing Our Stories – or How to Become a Writer Without Really Trying.

Today’s writing prompt is a Jughead comic book. Did you read comics as a kid? Do you read them now? 

Comic strips in the Sunday paper were the best thing. Peanuts, of course, Dagwood & Blondie, Nancy, Archie, Dennis the Menace, Beetle Bailey. I’d spread the comics out on the living room floor and read them. 

To keep my brother and I entertained on the 8-hour drives to Arkansas to visit my maternal grandparents, my mom bought comic books for my brother and me to read. I’d read mine, Leon would read his, then we’d swap. If the sun was up, we’d have them all read well before we even got to Hutchinson (an hour away). 

In writing about this prompt, I’d also tell about the picnic lunches my mom would pack in a large brown grocery bag. Sandwiches with peanut butter and jelly – and later, shelf-stable Spreadables. I can still taste the metallic flavor in those packaged chicken salads. We’d stop at a windy rest stop with picnic tables along I-35 in Oklahoma, eat our sandwiches and all drink out of the same gallon jug of water. These were the days before fast food restaurants, and dining out was too expensive, so we had our little picnics. 

What stories does the comic book writing prompt inspire you to write? Did you read comic books when you were young? As an adult? Did you read the Sunday comics in the newspaper? Write your story or story now. 

P.S. While I had originally planned 21 days of prompts, I think instead I’ll do several 7-day sessions to keep things fresh. 

That’s it for today. Go get ’em!

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