Writing Our Stories #1

Welcome to: Writing Our Stories. Or, an alternative title: How to become a Writer Without Really Trying.

For the next 7 days, I’ll post writing prompts that I hope will encourage you to write your own life stories. Some of your life stories may be from yesterday, or from 20 years ago. Write whatever comes to your mind.

Today’s prompt is a photo from my junior high years. That’s my cousin, Doug, in front with the Easter basket. We are at my grandparent’s house in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. What draws me to this photograph is the shoes that I’m wearing. That’s me, on the right, walking out of the frame. I’m wearing track shoes that I begged for and finally talked my mom into buying for me – on that very trip to Siloam Springs.

My long-coveted and finally owned track shoes had cloth tops with three angled white stripes, and a gummy sole that curved up at the toes, so you’re ready to run fast. I loved those shoes. So, I would write about those shoes – and the CPO jacket that I’m wearing. I loved that, too.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to look at this photograph and see what it inspires in your life.

Maybe YOU will write about:
* Easter, Easter egg hunting
* Your grandparents’ house
* Favorite shoes from your youth
* Favorite shoes right now
* A favorite jacket
* Awaiting spring
* Your cousins and their bowl haircuts.

What memories of your own can you draw from the photo? Whatever comes to mind, write that story. Or make a list of several stories and choose the one that has the most energy for you. 

That’s it for today. Go get ’em. 

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