loose keys on a table top

Writing Prompt: Keys

Welcome to Day 4 of Writing Our Stories – or How to Become a Writer Without Really Trying
Today’s Prompt: Keys
Do you have random keys in a junk drawer? Or loose on the dresser?
Maybe you know what they go to. Maybe you don’t.
What stories might be held in a key?
Is it a key to an old Chevy truck? Whose truck?
What does that old skeleton key open? Your grandmother’s farmhouse?
Take 4 1/2 minutes and listen to “You Remain,” by Willie Nelson and Bonnie Raitt. This song has such a poignant line about a key. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stQoaWudjUg
What doors can YOU not unlock anymore?
Today, write about a key or set of keys, what they open, or what they no longer open.
That’s it for today. Go get ‘em.