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Hey, it’s Day 13. 

I hope these writing prompts have been useful and that you’re getting some of your stories written! 

Today’s photo prompt is what I’ve always called “Thing.” The yellow fuzzy “thing” was purchased at a Stucky’s along a highway on our family’s trip to Hammond, Indiana, to pick up my dad’s new school bus the summer I was 7. 

I rediscovered “thing” during a decluttering session in my basement last year. . 

My family must not have taken the Brownie camera on the trip, because I’ve not run across any photos, but I do have the “thing.” 

Maybe you have photos or souvenirs, and I’ll bet that you, too, can come up with many stories when you see a photo or remember a certain trip. 

When I look at his yellow “thing,” I can come up with these stories/anecdotes:

*Pecan rolls from Stucky’s, and looking fondly at all the souvenir items for sale there. 

*Being in my first traffic jam – possibly in Columbus, OH.

*In a restaurant in Columbus, I went to the restroom (by myself, I guess) and a stranger standing in the line to pay started talking to me, told me he was Jack Benny. He may or may not have been Jack Benny. (I was 7!) 

* We stopped at New Salem, Abe Lincoln’s village. My brother wandered off and got lost. I thought we’d never see him again. (We did.)

* Leon and I rode most of the way home with Dad (on the new bus!) and Mom drove the car. Our two vehicles got separated in the rain and Dad stopped the bus at a rest stop. I cried because I thought we’d never see my mom again. (We did.) 

What travel or vacation stories do you have? Do you have photographs or souvenirs that help you remember specific trips? Where did you go? What happened along the way? Did you have any trouble? Did you see great things? 

Or, another idea:  write a story about you or someone in your family getting lost. 

Go get ‘em! Cheryl 

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